This new product for weight loss contains all natural ingredients put together to mainly suppress the appetite. Vitabod Garcinia Cambogia Extract is known to be the leading herbal product that essentially lessens fat production and other concerning factors that leads to weight gain. Every capsule has a standardized level of Hydroxycitric Acid which causes the quick burning process of the fats inside the person’s body. Moreover, the product comes in a tightly closed bottle containing 60 capsules. The packaging may vary with the available products that are being sold to you. It is recommended to read everything in the packaging before taking in the capsules.


  1. Decreases weight gain twice the level of those who follow diet plans and or exercise regimes
  2. Suppress appetite
  3. Improves mood and overall aura
  4. Provides feeling of being full
  • Hydroxycitric Acid
  1. Converts sugars and carbs into fats
  2. Block fats from entering the cells
  3. Provides feeling of being full
  • Potassium
  1. Increases metabolism rate
  2. Converts food to energy
  1. Suppresses food cravings


The Vitabod Garcinia Cambogia Extract product comprises 500mgs per capsule in the 60 capsules provided inside the sealed bottles. You must take 2 capsules twice a day. Greater results are observed if the capsules are taken with empty stomachs.

There are no claims for any side effects that the product may cause to harm a person’s health; however it is advised to be aware of reactions that your body may have in relation to the individual components of the product.


The original price of the product is $59.97; however, the manufacturers are giving big discounts accounting the newly tagged price of $28.99. There are no claims of any defect about the product. The manufacturers are betting for giving more benefits for the customers who are interested to buy the products and find it too expensive.


The product guarantees a 30 day money payback to further ensure the customers that it can be trusted. Also, manufacturers want to make the clients feel the satisfaction of the product by dealing with any complaints that the customers may have upon delivery; although there are no claims for any paybacks.


The Vitabod Garcinia Cambogia Extract is effective for losing weight in a fast pace considering its ingredients that are highly focused on targeting the fats, the mood and the appetite of a person. It is all natural so there are no worries about harming the body. Each capsule however only has 500mg of HCA, which means you have to take more for it to take effect.

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