Garcinia Cambogia is now famous for its weight loss effects, due to its recognition on Dr. Oz’s show. Because of an active ingredient it contains, it can prevent transforming the fat from food intake into fat deposits in the body. It also gives energy to the person taking it, and it can easily prevent emotional eating. All these benefits are often found in weight loss supplements, ideal to use as an adjuvant for your other weight loss efforts. Now Garcinia 1,000 mg is a product based on 50% HCA fruit extract, and it seems to enjoy certain popularity with users. We are interested to see how this product is different from others and if it truly delivers as promised.


It is very important to get enough of the active ingredient with the servings you take every day, if you want to get noticeable effects. This is what Now Garcinia 1,000 mg contains:

It is commendable that Now Garcinia 1,000 mg does not contain extra ingredients, such as artificial fillers. Nonetheless, we cannot help but notice that the amount of calcium used is really high. Also, while some think that calcium is great for absorption, it is also a deterrent for burning fat efficiently. The 50% HCA concentration is the minimum recommended.


The manufacturer recommends taking one pill up to three times daily for weight management. However, seeing that the concentration of active ingredient is so low, you may want to search for other similar products that are more potent.


The listing price for a bottle with 120 capsules is 25.99USD. Seeing that just one bottle can last up to 40 days, this is a reasonable price.


It is unclear if the manufacturer offers any guarantees about the product. At best, you can ask for a refund by contacting the company.


The potency of the ingredients used is very important when it comes to weight loss supplements. Now Garcinia 1,000 mg contains 50% HCA concentration, which is the minimum recommended by Dr. Oz on his show. Also, it contains quite a large quantity of calcium per each pill, so you may not get the best fat burning effects in this manner.

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