Made from the extracts of the fruit garcinia cambogia, the product Alfa vitamin garcinia cambogia is one of many that claim to be a healthy way of weight loss. Available online in a very standard packaging, the product will get the attention of people who knows not to judge the book by its cover. But there are some criteria for garcinia products to efficiently work. That is way many garcinia products in the market are failing to satisfy customers. So here is a quick review.


Alfa vitamin garcinia cambogia is made up of the following ingredients as available from the website. In per capsule you will get.


It is recommended for adults to take two capsules a day, or as the physician directs. That is in per serving you will have 1000mg of garcinia cambogia fruit extracts

Side Effect

There is no side effect or current reviews available for the product.


Per bottle of alfa vitamin garcinia cambogia costs $9.99. The website does offer discounts, but those are random as much as I have noticed. 1 bottle contains 100 capsules. That is 50 servings from one bottle. The price is extremely cheap compared to other products and that makes me skeptical about its efficiency.


No mention of guarantee is found on the website and no customer review either.

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