Earthy Glow Garcinia Cambogia claims to contain all natural ingredients that can provide miracle to those who have been suffering from weight loss problems. It is said to be manufactured based on proven clinical studies to incorporate all the ingredients carefully for a better result. Many believe on the effectiveness of the product but there are also unhappy customers who said that it is not even worth a try because it has done nothing to their condition. Packaged in a design that puts all the benefits on it, who cannot be tempted with it? Now, the challenge is to know if it’s worth it and if this product lives to what they are claiming to give.


How much does each ingredient contains is not stated even in the packaging, the sum total is the only one provided which is 650mg.


The recommended should not be more than 1000 mg in a day which is best for people under weight loss program. It must be followed for better results.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of this product.

Long Term Results

Long term results can be expected if you will stick to what is recommended and as long as you keep on taking this. You will be more than happy to get results not unless if you keep on forgetting to take it.


This can be purchased at an amount of $15.97, giving customers a big savings of 68% percent plus a money back guarantee should it fail to perform its work.


Although this product can be pretty tempting, but it keeps you wondering why so cheap for a product that has 90 capsules in a bottle? Is it a clearance sale or this is just one of the marketing strategies because the product is not selling high? The price is pretty intriguing.

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