When it comes to weight loss, natural ingredients are always winning the battle for consumers’ hearts, as they have no side effects, and they help you lose weight without endangering your health or loading on artificial compounds. Garcinia Cambogia is one of these winners, and health supplement manufacturers are striving to provide the best product for consumers. Potent Organics Garcinia Cambogia Extract is based on 75% HCA pure fruit extract, and it is advertised as being the most potent product on the market. Some users say that the product works like a charm, while others are not so pleased with the results. Let’s learn more about what is the truth behind all the advertising.


It must be noted right from the start that Potent Organics Garcinia Cambogia Extract comes in 500 mg capsules, and that two pills are the minimum recommended for serving. This is the data on each capsule:

The number on the label is more than promising. This is, most probably, the highest concentration on the market, but we could not help but notice that the pills are smaller, at just 500 mg each. This means that you will have to take more pills for the same effects. Also, the fact that Potent Organics Garcinia Cambogia Extract contains calcium is not so enjoyable, since calcium tends to dampen the fat burning effect of the now famous fruit extract.


The recommended dosage is two pills, two or three times daily. The manufacturer warns consumers to avoid taking more than 3000 mg daily, so you need to be careful. The product is sold in 180 capsule bottles, so you can get one month supply for weight loss.


The listing price is 67.95USD, and each bottle counts for one month supply.


Potent Organics Garcinia Cambogia Extract must have the best guarantee and return policy out there. The manufacturer promises to refund clients who find the product unsatisfying for one full year!


Potent Organics Garcinia Cambogia Extract is among the most popular products on the market, containing Garcinia Cambogia extract. The 75% HCA content far exceeds any minimum recommendations, but the product is sold as 500 mg capsules, so you need to load your daily dosage to get the best effects. The not so good thing is that the formula contains calcium, which is a deterrent for fat burning.

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