New Life Botanical Garcinia Cambogia claims to put an end to your weight loss concern. Coming from the rind of the tamarind fruit, this contains natural ingredients that is said to help you avoid the accumulation of fats which can sometimes become a burden especially when storage of fats are already getting heavier. Patterned with a very tempting and envious printed design featuring a woman with a body in shape, many will be tempted to try it and achieve the body like that of the photo. Who will ever hesitate to try its benefits? But the main question: is it worth anyone’s trust? While there are many users who claimed that it do well on them, there are also some who said that it has given them the exact opposite of what they claim this product is supposed to do.



You are advised to take two capsules a day especially before you eat anything before meals. Allot a scheduled time 30 minutes before you will take your breakfast or dinner.

Adverse Reactions

  • Nausea
  • Headache

Will It Last Longer?

It can last a little longer provided that you follow the recommended dosage.

Price / Guarantee

It can be purchased at a very low price which is amounting to $22.95 with a money back guarantee should it fail to work.


This seems to be a good product which is featured in a very good packaging but it does not tell it all. Coming at a very cheap price for a product that contains 90 capsules in a bottle, this can be so low. Although there is a money back guarantee when it fails, it is only offered by the distributor and not the company itself.

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