TerraPur provided very limited information on their product beyond product price and weight and a claim on the product bottle that the ingredients were 100% natural. TerraPur did provide links to contact and return policy information on their website along with a statement about their warranty.




TerraPur did not provide a list of ingredients in their on line product source.


TerraPur did not provide any product dosage information.


A price of $29.95 was quoted in the TerraPur source with no information about quantity provided or form (tablet, capsule and so on) beyond product shipping weight (.20 pounds).


TerraPur did provide a brief statement about product returns if a customer is not satisfied with their purchase as well as a number to call for return authorizations.


TerraPur price for Garcinia Cambogia of $29.95 about average for this product among the different vendors. The lack of specific information about the product for sale including quantity and quality left a buyer with a lot of questions about what TerraPur might actually  be selling.

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