Weight loss has become one of the major problems that many people face both men and women. Human Potential Garcinia Cambogia claims to provide with all you need in order to say goodbye to those fats accumulating in you. The ingredients it contains are also claimed to work best towards helping you achieve the body that you need. Although many have shown a favourable response to this product, many are still hesitant and said that this product does not live what it promises to the users. When it comes to its packaging, it is not really that attractive and tempting to use.



Take one capsule twice a day. Take it about 30minutes before you eat your meals and pair it with an 8oz glass of water. Don’t exceed more than what is recommended.

Possible Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Nausea

Long Term Results

It can last long if you will continue taking it and provided that this is taken regularly as recommended.


The current price is at $29.95 per bottle (80capsules) which is 50% lower than its original price and will give about $0.37/capsule. This will serve as your supply for over a month already. There is also a money back guarantee if in case you find it useless.


While this is a good product for weight loss, it also has a downside which will make you want to try another brand. First, it will make you eat less and suppress your cravings which will deprive you from eating what you want to eat. Second, this is not recommended for a busy person because this still has to be paired with exercise.

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