A completely white bottle with green stripes gives an impression of purity. The label are well designed with clear texts all around it. Gracinum 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is another weight loss product whose claims to make you loose 9 -18 kg without changing diet at all. It does this by dissolving the fat in your body.

It is completely safe product and harvest the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia’s key ingredient Hydroxcritic Acid(HCA). It suppresses the cravings for food and alters the inner system so that it do not produce new fat cells, slowing down the process of creating new fat cells in the body.

The Gracinia fruit , a small pumpkin shaped fruit is often termed as tamarind and is found mainly in the forest of Africa and parts of Asia and is used extensively in the making of Garcinium 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

Gracinum uses scientific methods to ensure high potency HCA extract from the outer layer of tamarind. Gracinum claims to triple inspect all the tamarind used in the making of the capsule.


  • Hydroxcritic Acid (HCA) : 500 mg
  • No filters, binders or unspecified extra ingredients
  • Vegetarian Capsule : 100 % pure and encased


There is no recommendation whatsoever on the official site for the dosage. This is alarming, as users would want to know the dosage of the product before using it. On the other hand, Gracinia Cambogia Ultra specifies clearly about it’s dosage of 2 capsule per day.  Gracinia Cambogia Ultra is very clear in their specifications and that’s why it’s more recommended. We will hop more into Gracinia Cambogia in conclusion.


The product first trail will be free and then if you fail to cancel the order, your credit card or any associated account will be charged every month recurring.  The current price of each bottle is 30$.


Garcinum offers 100% money back guarantee. If the product doesn’t work you can avail the guarantee and get your money back.


Garcinium 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a nice product but online reviews may go against it. Many people have shown concerns of it not working. The product major failure is that it is not proven to be effective most of the time.

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