The blue and green print stands out boldly against the white background which encompasses the bottle containing this dietary supplement. Claiming to inhibit fat production, control appetite, and boost serotonin levels, it seems this product has enjoyed much success. From the researched reviews concerning this product, many have expressed much satisfaction. Because of its above average success, let us dig deeper into the mechanics of this product.



Reviewing the ingredients in this dietary supplement, the following has been discovered to be contained in 2 capsules:

*Amounts not specified

It should be noted that another ingredient is listed on the back of this product. However we were not able to identify it from provided pictures and Huntington Labs does not list it under ingredients. A company should always be up front with a precise list of every ingredient.


It is recommended that each user of Huntington Labs take 2 capsules per day. However, there is no specification stating if these tablets should be taken at different increments throughout the day.


This dietary supplement can be purchased on Amazon for $18.65. With each purchase, consumers will receive 120 tablets. Calculated with the daily dosage required, this is a 60-day supply.


Because Huntington Labs feels quite strong that their product will work, they provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Although this does bring a safety element into the equation for customers, there is a slight problem. Because Huntington Labs does not provide an estimated time frame in which customers can expect to see results, this could invalidate the guarantee if it has an unknown time limit which expires before the average result rate. A company always needs to be upfront and specific with the kind of guarantee they are providing to their customers.


Although Huntington has produced success for many users, the above information has revealed a few issues which should act as warnings to future customers. First concerns the daily dosage of Garcinia Cambogia. Based upon tests, a daily dosage of 1600mg or more is required for the most effective results. Because Huntington Labs only provides consumers with 1500mg, users will suffer a deficiency of 100mg daily, thus thwarting high success. A second element which should concern future users is the fact that Huntington has not been fully upfront with their ingredients. Because it is not plainly stated as to what this product contains, it gives the allusion that this company has something to hide, a feeling no user desires to have.

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