HydraHealth Garcinia Cambogia Supplements are designed to help users lose weight, get filled with energy and curb appetite. The formula is based on 60% HCA fruit extract, which is promising, since the minimum recommended content is 50%. According to the manufacturer, these supplements are made in a GMP certified facility in the US, although the exact location is not given. As far as feedback is concerned, some users say that the product has helped them lose weight, while others say that they have seen no difference whatsoever. Since HydraHealth Garcinia Cambogia Supplements seem to enjoy certain popularity, they are worth taking a closer look at.


First things first, to understand a product’s potency in helping users lose weight, a look at the list of ingredients is necessary. Here is what HydraHealth Garcinia Cambogia Supplements contain:

While these supplements do not seem to have any artificial fillers or binders, they do contain calcium, which is a dampener for the fruit extract’s ability to burn fat in an efficient manner. However, the 60% HCA content in the fruit extract used is ideal for losing weight, which may make it efficient for those who are looking for such products.


No clear information is readily available on the dosage, but the fine print does say that each 120 capsule bottle contains 60 servings, which means that you need to take two pills at one time, in order to see any results.


The listing price on the reseller’s website is 54.95USD, while on the manufacturer’s website, it is 14.95USD. This is confusing, to say the least, seeing that the reseller needs to apply important discounts to be able to compete with Hydra Health, the manufacturer, and their official prices.


The official website of the manufacturer states that a refund is offered within 30 days from delivery. Also the reseller has to handle the refunds on orders made on their website. Hydra Health’s website is sketchy, at best, though, without giving away too much information on the company and their policies.


HydraHealth Garcinia Cambogia Supplements sound like good, reliable products for weight loss, since they contain 60% HCA fruit extract, which is 10% over what was recommended by Dr. Oz on his show. There are customers saying that taking these supplements helped them lose a bit of weight, but there are also others who claim that they have not seen any difference. The most noticeable results linked with the use of Hydra Health supplements are curbing hunger and suppressing appetite.

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