Metabolife Ultra, made by TwinLab, aims to help you get more out of your diet and exercise and aid with weight loss. Metabolife Ultra contains a proprietary blend of different ingredients to help achieve weight loss. Metabolife Ultra has held successful trials of their product against a placebo which showed, combined with a balanced diet and exercise Metabolife Ultra could help you lose significant weight. Metabolife Ultra comes in a white bottle with a very eye catching and colorful label, with bold wording. I wanted to find out more about the weight loss properties of Metabolife Ultra so I looked into the ingredients, dosage, cost and guarantee to see if Metabolife Ultra could work.


Ingredients in Metabolife Ultra include:

  • Garcinia Cambogia: A natural plant which aids with weight loss
  • ChromeMate: A niacin-bound form of Chromium.
  • MeraTrim


It is recommended to take one caplet three times daily, 30 minutes before each meal. Do not exceed 3 caplets per day. Three capsules per day is not an excessive dosage for any one and should be easy to remember.


One bottle of Metabolife Ultra costs $24.99. This price is for 45 capsules and given the daily dosage to be three capsules, one bottle will last just 15 days at a cost of $1.66 per day. The cost and low amount of capsules you receive means that Metabolife Ultra is a fairly expensive supplement.


I was unable to find a guarantee for Metabolife Ultra on the TwinLab website, this may be a concern for those first time buyers who like the security of a money-back guarantee option.

I was able to find some customer reviews from an Amazon listing for Metabolife Ultra. The listing had a rating of 3/5 stars for Metabolife Ultra. This is a good, but not great review for Metabolife Ultra. Common complaints were nausea or that it did not aid weight loss at all.


Metabolife Ultra, made by TwinLab, aims to help weight loss. It does this by using a blend of ingredients, primarily Garcinia Cambogia and ChromeMate, though the website does not adequately explain each ingredient and how exactly it will help with weight loss. Metabolife Ultra will cost $24.99 for 45 capsules or a 15 day supply, this makes Metabolife Ultra quite an expensive option. I always unable to find any guarantee for Metabolife Ultra from TwinLab and many of the reviews I found were unfavorable though I did see a couple of reviews which said the product had worked for them.

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