The all natural weight loss product offered in a safe and intact packaging, claims to burn fats faster in a natural way. It lessens the levels of triglycerides and LDL which is considered as the bad cholesterol and enhances a higher flow of HDL which is the good cholesterol. It also plays a big role in helping the body’s system to regulate the hormone levels which are responsible for making food very pleasant to the eyes making the person crave for them some more. With all of this in process, the product decreases the face of the production of fats that creates the flabs on the outer body surface. Description of the product out the packaging may vary that is why it is advised to be observant with the individual product that is purchased.


  • Potassium – improves absorption
  • Chromium


For effective results, the capsule must be taken 30 minutes before you have your breakfast and once again before you take your lunch. Basically, you must gulp in 1 capsule twice a day with a full 8oz glass of water. If you want a quicker pace of outcome then you can take in 2 capsules twice a day.

There are no claims for any side effects; however you must always be alert for any possible reaction such as an allergic reaction of the body from any of the product’s components.


The original price of the product is $49.90. It is now in sale for $19.64 with free shipping if the purchases will account over 35$. This indicates that you can buy as many supplies as you want to as long as they are available.


There are no claims for any guarantees of return for the product once it is shipped to the client. This is because of the sellers abide in the no exchange no return policy. Moreover, the products are all tightly sealed, reassuring the customers for the best conditions inside.


Earthwell Garcina Cambogia Extract gives a good impression for purchase with its lowered price rates with an offer of free shipping in consideration to the amounts paid. Also, the ingredients are all natural having no claims about side effects that it may cause upon intake; although users should be very vigilant about allergic reactions that the body may produce if it is hypersensitive to some of the components mentioned above.

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