HUMANOLABS is another pharmaceutical company that offers the Garcinia cambogia extracts in supplement form. Specially formulated and capsulated in a bottle, it contains a maximum amount of 4667 mg of pure Garcinia Cambogia extract on a daily serving. Like any other products that contain the Garcinia cambogia extracts, HUMANOLABS Garcinia cambogia products can guarantee you an increased mechanism for fat oxidation and suppression of appetite.



In every capsule of HUMANOLABS Garcinia Cambogia Core+, you actually take in the following ingredients:

  • 778 mg of Garcinia cambogia extract – This extract is derived from the rind of the Garcinia cambogia fruit, which contains around 60% HCA.
  • Zero artificial ingredients, binders, and fillers.

In other words, when you trust your weight loss regimen with HUMANOLABS Garcinia Cambogia Core+ product, you get to enjoy an all-natural garcinia cambogia extract. This Garcinia cambogia product is trusted by most doctors and this is independent lab verified.


The recommended dosage for this product is two capsules an hour before every meal. This is to allow the capsule work with your appetite and cravings. You can also consult with a physician to know your dosage options in case you are taking in other meds. Since this product is designed for weight-loss, taking in this product will really help you achieve your goal. The fat oxidation capabilities can help you effectively burn fat, which comprises the bulk of your body weight.


Each bottle contains 180 capsules that cost around $45.75. Since they are currently offering a discount in their website at, you can avail of a special price worth $32.98. You can also avail of discount when you try to purchase the product through Amazon.


They offer you best results or your get 100% money back guarantee only if they received your complaint during the first 30 days. They will respond immediately for you to get your refund on the same day.

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