Garcinia Cambogia has been used traditionally in Asian countries for treating various ailments, but its effects on burning fat and helping people lose weight has become news only relatively recently. The exotic fruit is rich in an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid or HCA for short, responsible for suppressing appetite and preventing the body from transforming food into fat deposits. Natural Garcinia Cambogia 1600 is a health supplement based on the popular fruit, which ensures the daily dosage needed for weight management and a bit over that. The product has positive ratings, which is why we decided to review it here.


Weight loss supplements, in order to be effective, need to have pure ingredients, without any fillers and binders. Natural Garcinia Cambogia 1600 respects these rules, and its list of ingredients contains:

  • Potassium – 90 mg
  • Calcium – 60 mg
  • 60% HCA Garcinia Cambogia extract – 800 mg

These are the amounts per capsule, and one serving stands for two pills taken in the same time. It is commendable that the manufacturer uses 60% HCA extract, but the use of calcium in their recipe may hinder your efforts to burn fat, as this mineral is known to be an inhibitor of the fruit’s fat burning abilities.


One of the selling points of this product is that it ensures the minimum recommended dosage with just one serving, or two pills. Dr. Oz recommended a minimum of 1500 mg of fruit extract taken daily for weight management, and Natural Garcinia Cambogia 1600 offers a bit over that number. However, if you want to lose weight, you may want to increase that dosage.


Each 60 capsule bottle of Natural Garcinia Cambogia 1600 is priced at 59.99USD, and it counts towards a one month supply.


On the official website, there is mentioning of their money back guarantee, but no clear details are provided. On the other hand, the company has readily available customer support, and all the needed information to be contacted via e-mail, phone and even their physical address is provided.


Natural Garcinia Cambogia 1600 has all the characteristics needed for a weight loss supplement based on the now famous fruit extract. It is made with pure ingredients, in an FDA approved lab in the US, and it contains the necessary dosage for weight management. However, it does contain calcium, and this may deter some of the best effects of the Garcinia Cambogia extract, such as fat burning.

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