Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract is a natural weight loss supplement. It naturally controls your appetite, boost metabolism and burns fat. It promotes weight loss through using Garcinia Cambonia extract, a naturally occurring fruit which fights fat storage and regulates appetite. Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract comes in a clear bottle with a green and white label with pictures of the Garcinia Cambonia fruit on it. I wanted to know whether or not Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract could live up to its promises so I looked into ingredients, cost, dosage and guarantee to find out more.


The active ingredients in Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract are:

  • Garcinia Cambonia Extract as Citrin K: Natural weight loss aid, prevents fat storage and suppresses appetites.
  • Potassium

Other ingredients include: Gelatin, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, chlorophyll, titanium dioxide.


It is recommended to take 2 Hydroxycitric Acid Capsules 2 times daily before meals. 4 capsules per day is not a particularly high dosage, so should not be difficult for users to remember to take.


At the moment Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract costs $14.99, on sale from $24.99. For this price you will receive a bottle of 100 capsules. At the recommended dosage this bottle should last you 25 days and is about $0.59 per day, a very good price for the amount of capsules.


No, I was unable to find a guarantee for Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract. I was able to find some customer reviews, two people had reviewed it with a 4/5 star rating over all, this is a good sign for the product, though it would have been nice for this to be backed up with a manufacturers guarantee.


Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract promises to act as a natural weight loss supplement. It does this using Garcinia Cambonia extract, a natural fruit which helps with weight loss through several different ways. Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract costs just $14.99 for 100 capsules which should last around 25 days if taken at the recommended dosage of 4 capsules per day. The cost and dosage is both affordable and manageable. I was unable to find any guarantee or customer reviews for Hi-Tech Garcinia Cambonia Extract, though this may not have any bearing on whether or not the product is good or bad, it came be a comfort to some buyers to have a manufacturers guarantee.

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