For those who are trying to really lose weight using all natural weight loss supplements, the Vita Vibrance Garcinia Cambogia may be considered to be one of your options for weight loss treatment. We all know what garcinia cambogia can do to the body as it is primarily focused on weight loss. But this weight loss supplement is known to have the highest content of HCA extract and that it is even free of GMO.

This will indeed help you to curb your appetite for eating. Not only is it a great way to consistently burn your fat but it has also been clinically proven to reduce your bad cholesterol while increasing your metabolism.


Given the perfect formula and combination of these three essential ingredients, the Supermax garcinia Cambogia 1600 has the following:

  • Calcium Carbonate

It contains 70 mg of calcium carbonate necessary for bone health and increase resistance while on weight loss.

The product contains 70 mg of potassium chloride which helps in the regulation of body normal functions.

  • Chromium

It helps increase the efficiency of the said product while ensuring that this supplement will be absorbed by the body.

It contains 80% HCA of 1400 mg garcinia cambogia


One should not exceed taking 4 capsules of this supplement on a daily basis.

Possible Side Effects

Knowing the natural ingredients found on this product, there is no known bad side effects that has been reported.


It costs at $49.99. But if you buy worth more than $35.00, it would only cost $20.99 with free shipping fee on Amazon.


Unfortunately, there is no clear terms as to how guaranteed is the product. Once you buy it, you agree to the risks that may arise from it. No returns.

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