A lot of people have been very much excited of what garcinia cambogia can do in the field of weight loss treatment. The Supermax Garcinia Cambogia 1600 is the latest breakthrough in weight loss supplements. With the help of this supplement, one may be able to lose weight without those crazy diet routines. Moreover, one doesn’t have to go through all the strenuous exercise and unsafe weight loss routine with the help of garcinia cambogia.

With 60% content of HCA, the Supermax Garcinia Cambogia 1600 significantly helps in blocking the formation of fat in the body while helping boost energy.


Given the perfect formula and combination of these three essential ingredients, the Supermax garcinia Cambogia 1600 has the following:

Based on the name, it contains 1600 mg of garcinia cambogia extract with 60% HCA.

  • Calcium

This is in the form of hydroxycitrate which contains 120 mg and comprises 12% daily value.

This is in the form of hydroxycitrate which contains 180 mg and comprises 6% daily value.

  • Vegetable cellulose

This is also another minor ingredient of the product which is particularly in the form of non-gelatin vegetarian capsules.


The ideal dosage of the SuperMax garcinia Cambogia 1600 is that it should be taken 3 times on a daily basis particularly right before meals.

Possible Side Effects

There are no bad side effects that one would encounter when taking this product. In fact, unless you are pregnant or are having problems in the cardiovascular area, this is the safest weight loss product.


The retail price of the product is at $59.99. However, it can be greatly discounted at $19.99 which gives you a 40%. However, it has the best discount primarily due to its low demand given a number of various garcinia cambogia products out there.


The product comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days in case you are not satisfied with the product.


The thing about Supermax Garcinia Cambogia 1600 is that its contents are not what the doctors’ prescribed formula.

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