LIPO-G3 is a 100% natural weight loss product available on the internet but there is mention of who the manufacturers are. It claims to help you to feel less hungry and limits fat being stored n the body. Optimum results are obtained under regular LIPO-G3 intake, proper diet, moderate exercise and good sleep. It comes in bluish glass jar and is pretty standard looking. The blue theme might be because, it promises to give you the perfect beach body.


So what is LIPO G3 made of?? There are the ingredients:

All these ingredients work together to give a combined effect of losing fat, reducing cholesterol and increasing energy.


LIPO G3 ‘s website mentions that NO PREPSCRIPTION is needed. Still, I would recommend consulting a doctor. Since it is 100% natural, there is no chance of side effects, but to get the maximum benefit I suggest referring to professional advice.


The website offers a free trial bottle, but first you have to fill up a form. Then after pressing submit a new page opens up asking $6 for shipment costs and for that they require credit card information. So basically $6 is the price you pay. Each bottle may cost differently


No mention of guarantee what so ever, which is not a good sign for the product. Guarantee makes the product reliable and trustworthy. Similar products like Garcinia Cambogia Ultra offers 100% Guarantee.


The entire thing just seems too good to be true and the matter of fact that we are oblivious to who is the manufacturer of the product makes it all the more suspicious.

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