The PolarisBrand has now found the best way to lose weight and that is with the help of the garcinia cambogia. As this product is made only in the USA, one can be rest assured that their product provides the latest breakthrough when it comes to losing weight and that it is capable to do so which is three times faster as the body burns bad fat.

Indeed, the PolarisBrand Garcinia Cambogia Extract has passed the strict standards that were being implemented just to only make sure that the highest form of weight loss pill is only provided towards the end users.

Not only does it control fat – it has helped reduce the tendency to have to deal with emotional eating. It further boosts serotonin levels of the body.


Considering the right formulation of each of the ingredients that are being contained in these supplements, know that the following vital ingredients are the cause of why this product works.

  • Chromium

The product has 200mcg which helps in ensuring that the necessary nutrients will be bio available for the body so that it may already be absorbed to ensure more efficacy of the product.

  • Potassium

It makes sure that all the necessary minerals are being absorbed in the body that will further enhance weight loss in a healthier manner.

This is fruit rind that is 1000 mg in extract containing 60% HCA

Calcium helps in ensuring that weight loss functioning of the body will be in full effect and that it makes sure that the bones are in its best condition during the body transition.


This should be taken 2 times a day before meals.

Possible Side Effects

It is best to note that there are no serious side effects that may happen during intake by the user.


This supplement is cost at around $64.99 which can be discounted 50% less on some stores.


The product provides money back guarantee within 90 days of use.


This product is still lacking in terms of its ingredient and price.

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