Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia comes with a white polished bottle with clear branding and labeling. The bottle showcases the important claims like Suppressing Appetite, Blocking Fat Production and lowering Cholesterol.

Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia is a 100% Natural Weight Loss. It blocks the production of glucose in the body and increasing metabolism at the same time. Blocking of production of glucose helps you to loose weight faster.

No chemical used to extract Hyroxycitric acid (HCA), which in turn makes the product 100 % pure. This also means that no artifical binders and other additives such as calcium and potassium are used, making weight loss much more natural. They also claim that using their product is the safest way to reduce weight.

The product maintains premium quality by using a Hi-Rel clean room environment and premium brands for production.


The product is made up of 100% natural and thus contains pure extract of Hyroxycritic Acid (HCA) with 70 % concentration.

The product contains 70 % HCA much higher than the recommended 50 % HCA concentration for effective fat loss formula.


The official site doesn’t seem to list the dosage information.


The price seems to be on lower side. One bottle of product costs $8.99,  followed by 2 bottles at $14.99, 3 bottle at $21.99 and 4 bottle at $28.49. They offer discounts on multiple buys and free shipping to US.

The price is low according to current market condition. This is not a good sign and hints at something they are hiding either at quality or effectiveness.

Garcinia Cambogia Ultra seems to retail at good price which ensures some trust in the quality and effectiveness of it against the product reviewed here.


They do not offer any guarantee on their products.


Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia is a great product to use with its claims of using no artificial binders and other additives.  But lack of guarantee and proper dosage details make it a sour deal.

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